Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tearing Up

I never used to cry. I mean, I cried in my life all the time--way too much. But movies? Books? The whole sentimentality thing? Or public grief? Not me. I didn't cry when Deborah Winger died in that movie--or was it Shirley Maclaine who died? I didn't even cry at real-life funerals. If you were supposed to cry, I didn't.

But lately? I think I'm getting old. I'm becoming a machine o' tears. I cried when my friend told me about her friend who died. I have cried at the last two bat mitzvahs I've gone to. I even got wet eyes (yes, Dawn, I'm outing myself to the world) during Gabriella and Troy's final duet in HSM 3. I KNOW. Pathetic.

But you know when I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry, and be proud of it. When I vote for Obama. Even though I haven't been his biggest fan. Even though I don't think he's going to save the world and make us live happily ever after.

The idea that I am going to vote for a liberal Black man for president--and that he might very well win--I mean, just typing the words makes me almost start to cry.


Kelly said...

Me too.

kathy said...

ok, here's a post that made me cry... (but then again that's not hard!)

kathy said...

But I need to attach the link:

landismom said...

Yeah, I definitely teared up, reading that post on 538. I'm sure as hell going to cry on election night, either way. I'm hoping for the tears of joy, personally.

Emma said...

I concur with landismom - I hope, hope, hope I'll be crying tears of joy on November 4th.