Friday, October 24, 2008

Renovation Dilemma

We are so close. And yet, of course, so far. I have made so many decisions. I have chosen doorknobs and light fixtures and towel racks and finishes for the floor (satin, in case you're interested). The last hurdle was the sink. Not the kitchen sink, though I wish for the sake of poetic justice that it was. The bathroom sink, and technically not the sink, which I picked out months ago (it's square--I love that it's square), but the vanity.

Our contractor, whom I still love, but whom I'd like to have out of my life, has a friend who sells vanities. A plain white vanity, with drawers, is all I wanted. So he showed me the picture of the vanity, and I wasn't so crazy about the doors, but the last thing I want to do is go out and find a vanity, so I said fine. Then the vanity got delivered, yesterday, and we went up to look at it this morning.

It's fine. Sturdy. Lots of well-built drawers. A big cabinet below the sink. A completely innocuous white. And then there's the doors. Remember what a modernist I am? Well, we actually abandoned the modernism on the fixtures, which are kind of old-fashionedy, but I quite fell in love with them, so I thought, fine, no modernism in the bathroom, or, rather, a nice eclecticism in the bathroom, what with the square sink and tub (OK, the tub's a rectangle, but the point is that it is not rounded), and the marbley tiles, and the old-fashionedy fixtures. Which is the rationale I went with for accepting the vanity. The doors have, oh I do not know how to describe them, the doors have ridges on them--ridges just like the doors on the bottom floor of the house, which I tried to replicate, but couldn't exactly, for the attic, old-fashionedy, almost slightly fussy ridges. So I tried to get ridges for the doors to rooms, but now I'm having problems with them on doors to drawers and cabinets?

The thing is, really, I just don't care anymore. I love the doorknobs, I love the paint, I love my skylights and the tiles. Do I need to love the vanity? Do I need to love it enough that I would go find another one that I love more? Would I be able to find one that I loved more? Can one even love a vanity? I suppose if one can love doorknobs, one can love a vanity. But the time for loving doorknobs was August; now it is October, and my boots and all the hats and scarves and winter coats are still over at Grownup E's. I think love is not the answer; I think we must just finish this damn project. And yet, I am waffling. No, I won't waffle. I will go on, I must go on. The vanity will stay. Right?

[Just thought everyone needed to remember how truly superficial I am, despite the occasional dive into deep waters.]

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