Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes on HSM 3

I miss Sharpay's nose.

Zac Efron is way past his expiration date.

Those new kids are quite funny.

I totally called the winner of the Juilliard scholarship.

The last 20 minutes--the show and graduation--totally redeem the whole thing, which up till then is completely ridiculous, though not in any kind of franchise-divergent way.

I mean, let's face it, musicals are ridiculous--can you say Busby Berkeley? Singing in the Rain?

And, really, the choreography is pretty great, in a ridiculous musical kind of way. Especially when it involves basketballs or graduation robes.

Gabriella does not have enough to do.

Shouldn't Gabriella and Troy be having sex by now?

The true talents of that gang are Corbin Bleu and the guy who plays Ryan. We like Sharpay and Gabriella too. But Zac Efron? I just do not get it. The guy is lame.

That gay subplot from HSM? Gone, gone, gone with the wind, steamrolled by the purely opportunistic Ryan-Kelsi hook-up (Vote No on 8!).

E: It was GREAT!

M: It was stupid.

Can you say target audience?

(And, if you're wondering, the target audience for this post is Dawn and Landismom--and maybe C? But if you know what I'm talking about, more power to you, and all my empathy!)


Dawn said...

I've always been all about Ryan. And Noah -- fan of Zac though he is -- concedes he's the least talented person in the cast. But he looks the coolest (says Noah). He's going to see it with friends on Monday for a birthday party. I'll be very interested in his take!!

Andi said...

My excellent husband took the kids to see it today so I could get my work done -- he lasted almost to the end before texting me to groan over a line ("troy to gabriella, dramatically: you may be ready to say goodbye to east high, but east high isn't ready to say goodbye to you!").

(Which, I must say, is a groaner, but nowhere near as puke-worthy as the one from the commercial for that Richard Gere/Diane Lane movie where she says something about a box she has where she puts things to keep them safe and he says, "Who keeps YOU safe?" Blrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh.)

The kids loved it, though. Nate conjectured that probably in High School Musical 4, it would be about everybody in college, prompting his sister to immediately correct him and his dad to insist that there will never EVER be a High School Musical 4.

We shall see....!

K said...

They all look a lot more toned/professional in this one. (I think they kept Efron in so that they could show his abs a few times...)

But I'm a sucker for musicals. all of them. So, we enjoyed it.