Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're In the NY Times

Usually I become enraged when the NY Times tries to profile "ordinary people" with their Bugaboos and private schools. And if I were the woman at the beginning of this article, I would be enraged by today's attempt. But, I have to say, this time they captured S's and my reality, even to the emails and phone calls (yesterday I opened the final September statement--statements that, like the guy in the article, I used to not open for weeks--and texted S the sum total of our losses, as of September 30, which means I don't even want to think about today).

I think I'll go be happy about gay marriage in Connecticut, the Red Sox, the Phillies, and the beautiful weather, at least for a few hours...


Libby said...

so what I want out of an article like that is some advice--because that's me, too, except it's NOW that I don't want to open the statements. I used to feel fine about it, even if there wasn't going to be quite enough, because there was so much more than nothing. Now, what are we supposed to do?

landismom said...

I remember having a conversation about a year ago with our financial adviser about the amount of risk that we had in our portfolio, and how much longer we had to have that level of risk, and I said, somewhat blithely, "well, we're still ten years out from college."

Now wishing I had had more of a short-term view.