Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Middle-Aged, (Upper-)Middle-Class Mom Kind of Post

I must confess my dismay at the news that Talbots is buying J. Jill. While cost makes J. Jill more often a wardrobe ideal than a presence in my closet (and the floaty embroidery doesn't do it for me), they make trousers that fit and enough clothes I love to make it worth combing the sales racks. Talbots, on the other hand--well, let's just say there's nothing there for me, though once my ex-stepmother bought toddler M an adorable bathing suit covered with orange slices at Talbots Kids.


AmericanFamily said...

You are lucky to recieve something cute from Talbot's Kids. Everything my mother buys there for M makes her look like a tiny Estelle Getty. Really, a three year old dressing like a little old lady is not at all attractive.

Lucy said...

That's an outrage. Or at least a drag. J. Jill has some lovely, unusual, especially shirts & sweaters, although I dunno why every pair of pants has drawstrings. Plus - when their clearance is on clearance I can buy stuff. Talbot's, however, is utterly tiring, preppy old-lady, unimaginative and altogether embarrassing.

And shoes? Oy vesmir.