Thursday, May 24, 2007

11 Things About M

1. She got her hair cut a few weeks ago in an ear-length bob with uneven shoulder-length locks on each side in the front.

2. The top of her head comes up to my chin.

3. Her goal is to write a play and have it produced on Broadway.

4. She plays kickball every day at recess and this week she got her first triple.

5. She is going to overnight camp for eight weeks this summer.

6. Last week she decided to go to the drugstore to buy herself new flip-flops with her own money, but they didn't have any flip-flops she liked, so she bought me the new Vogue and E a chocolate bar--with her own money.

7. She admits it when I'm right.

8. She is friends with lots of boys. And girls.

9. She dresses very carefully every day, even when she ends up in jeans and a t-shirt.

10. She likes adult food writing (Ruth Reichl, Julia Child, Pierre Franey, Gourmet) and tween series (Beacon Street Girls, Dolphin Diaries, Royal Ballet School Diaries, Camp Confidential), and she still regularly rereads the Little House, Betsy-Tacy, Anne of Green Gables, and All-of-a-Kind-Family books.

11. Today she is eleven.


Anonymous said...

And another thing...she has an awesome mom. Glad you brought such a great kid into this world. Love, Aunt S/Z

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday M! I was thinking of her last night. What are you guys doing to celebrate?

Genevieve said...

Happy birthday to M and all these great things about her!

Jenny Davidson said...

Tell her we all say happy birthday!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Happy, happy birthday, M!

landismom said...

Happy birthday, M!

jackie said...

Happy birthday, M!