Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why I Can't Handle 21st-Century Mothering

As of July 1, it is possible that I will be employed full-time. I am saying possible, though other people might say likely, because from my end of anxiety it seems equally possible, nay, likely, that I will be unemployed. Needless to say, I am in a bit of a tizzy.

If I am indeed employed full-time as of July 1, there will be childcare issues. The current plan is four weeks of overnight camp for M in July, two weeks of farm camp for E while M is at overnight camp, and one week of art camp for both while I have to be out of town. Which leaves seven unaccounted-for weeks for E, and five for M, in case you're not keeping track at home.

The Good Moms had the entire summer planned by February. I know, because they told me. I didn't, because I didn't. If I were continuing on my current schedule, I would be a little screwed, but I would know I could work it out. If my schedule changes, which it is going to, one way or the other...well, I've already made my point.

Last night, in my tizzy, I emailed eight people who posted on Craig's List looking for summer nanny positions. When I might not even need a summer nanny.

Maybe what I really need is a personal assistant. Or a job. (Yesterday, I decided that if I were a rich person with a secretary, a personal chef, a gardener, and a housecleaner, life would be good. S said what I really needed was a nanny. I said if I had all those people, I wouldn't need a nanny. He was skeptical.)


Kelly said...

oh, my. I do hope you're able to line something up that works for you.

I need to get on figuring out what to do with Tyler this summer (would be nice if his father offered...) because a 15 year-old home alone 5 days a week is a bad idea. He may have to get a job!

katie allison granju said...

I can never decide which I hate worse: dealing with hmework during the school year or figuring chidcare for three (soon to be four) children out for the summer.

Chris said...

See, I could do fine without the secretary....

Chris said...

But I still want the chef, housecleaner and gardener.