Friday, May 11, 2007

Latest Chapter in the Bad Mother Chronicles

M and E's current #1 CD is Lily Allen's "Alright, Still."

Why does this make me a bad mother? Just check out a few lyrics.

Our current favorite is:

Just get out my face, just leave me alone,
And no you can't have my number,
Because I've lost my phone.

It loses a certain je ne sais quoi without the catchy beats. It sounds best of all when M, E, and I are singing along at the tops of our lungs in the car.

[Of course we all know that the self-deployment of the bad mother trope is in fact an overtly self-deprecating yet implicitly self-congratulatory mode of calling attention to the mothering practices in which one in fact harbors no small amount of pride due to their display of one's rejection of the hegemonic mothering discourses. See the original bad mother.]


jackie said...

That CD is awesome. "LDN" is my favorite-- the "sun is in the sky oh why oh why" one.

Anonymous said...

The last paragraph in this post shows one of my favorite things about you. You know how to deconstruct your own texts for the benefit of those who may be too dense to get it themselves.

Libby said...

Ha! Having deployed it recently myself, I agree with you entirely about the bad mother trope. And I may need to get this CD.

thatgirl said...

I have actually heard of -- and listened to -- Lily Allen. Particularly the "sun is in the sky" one.

Sinda said...

Smile came on theother day, and while I did change it quickly, my 6 yr old REALLy wanted to hear it again - just based on the first few beats. fun music indeed.