Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Poor Roger

The "extreme rigors of travel"? Is a sportswriter really saying this with a straight face? Frankly, I couldn't care less whether Roger Clemens travels with the Yankees, but could we get real? Yes, his days as an effective pitcher are numbered (and I hope the last one occurred some time last September), but he's, um, 44, not 94, and, uh, don't baseball teams travel on private jets and stay in luxury hotels and get to sleep in every morning because work doesn't start till 2 at the earliest, 8 at the latest? (OK, OK, I know they have to get to the park and practice and warm up and all, but still...)

(I wish I could say this is the last Roger Clemens post, because I am suddenly disgusted that I am even discussing the whims of a rich, fat, jerk--yes, I do think he's a jerk--who is being paid $4.5 million a month to occasionally throw a baseball when there is a war going on, for god's sake. But, alas, depending on how the season unfolds, there may be Clemens posts in our future.)

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tracyellen said...

I can't help but comment. I'm a die-hard Cubs fan, and well, a fan of anyone who beats the Yankees (which actually makes me a fan of many AL teams this season). When my husband told me Clemens was "earning" $4.5 million per month, I kept saying, "You mean year, right?"

Looking forward to more posts as the season continues...