Monday, May 14, 2007

If You Are Watching Me Try to Feed My Child

Please do not tell me I should be feeding her hearty food, not fruits and vegetables.

Don't suggest peanut butter.

Do not tell her to try just one bite.

Do not ask if she wants sauce.

Don't tell her that she cannot have one food until she finishes another.

Please, just leave it to me. I know it looks bad, and I'm sure you would handle it better, but my guess is we've tried everything you are going to suggest, and this is how we've ended up doing it.

Feel free to judge me. Just do it behind my back, if you possibly can.

[On the positive side, E has decided that Cojack cheese is the best, so we have one more source of protein and quesadillas back on the menu--for now.]


Phantom Scribbler said...

Funny -- Baby Blue has also just returned quesadillas to the "acceptable" list, though she prefers hers with cheddar.

(I can't comment on the rest of it without frothing at the mouth, so I won't.)

Genevieve said...

Boo hiss to all the kibitzers!!

But yay for quesadillas.