Monday, May 21, 2007

Things That Need to Be Fixed

- the soap dish in the bathtub (fell off over a year ago and is in a bag under the sink--the gap in the tile is taped over)

- one of the dining room windows (propped closed with a stick)

- the doorbell (little sign saying it is broken so please knock or come in)

- the dryer door (stays closed if you wedge a stick between the handle and the floor) (do you detect a pattern?)

- one of the living room blinds (barely opens and closes if you know exactly how to jiggle the strings--needs to be replaced)

- stair railing in the front hall (almost off the wall--girls are forbidden to lean on it)

- CD player (speakers are hooked up to the DVD player which plays the CDs)

We haven't even lived here two years. I hate to imagine the future.


landismom said...

I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones living in a house with multiple broken things. Every once in a while, I get motivated to fix something, but usually it doesn't help much.

Jenny Davidson said...

Can't even tell you how many things in my apartment are broken! No point even TRYING to pull down a shade; and the printer only works if I clamp the front on with foot or hand while the pages churn out, that is really v. annoying since it is what I would consider an ESSENTIAL rather than an optional piece of household equipment!