Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Virginia Tech Must Reading

This beautiful, painful piece by Peggy Hong.

One of the horrific, tragic parts of this horrific, tragic event was the Korean parents arriving in droves at Virginia Tech to take their children home.

One of the inspiring parts has been that we appear not to have fallen into our usual vendetta-seeking, racist responses--at least, as far as I know, which is not very far.


govstudent said...

Do you think that its better that the korean parents are already worried about their children being hurt due to their ethnicity or that there has been veery little, if any racism that has gone on because of the event (against koreans)?

Raquita said...

What I find sad is that you assume that there has been no backlash from the event because it hasn't been covered in mainstream media or that it hasn't been overt enough to grab your attention...
As a black person I can promise you that most racism doesn't work that way- but it doesnt' make it any less real to the recipient