Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am going to go straight to hell

for the way Anne Lamott makes me want to throw up.  Except I'm Jewish, and we don't believe in hell.

Edited to add: Now this, this makes me feel better.  Still probably going to hell.


Kate P. said...

Really? How come? I feel like we've talked about this before....but refresh my memory. I love her! Except, I could do without a few of the middle paragraphs in that essay.

Libby said...

I like Lamott fine--but I can see how her schtick can grate. I saw her do it in person last year and in person it works really well, I think--she can modulate her tone a bit. Now, the second one, that made me laugh.

Kelly said...

That was the first Lamott I've read in ages... meh.

but lawdy miss mawsy, that second bit has me in abdominal pain from the laughing.