Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political Notes

Due to a busy, productive, enjoyable day of work (which entailed leaving the house at 7:10 in the morning), I did not learn about the lipsticked pig debacle until the end of the day.  Perhaps the McCain campaign and the media need to find themselves some busy, productive, enjoyable work.

I have now received the Women Against Sarah Palin email six times (and counting).  How about you?

The thing I find most upsetting about this election is neither John McCain's determination to do whatever it takes to be president, regardless of his professed convictions, nor Sarah Palin's politics (that debunking? anyone who was truly paying attention knew all that stuff, and it doesn't make her any better).  

What bother me most are the structural parallels between what I'll call, for lack of better terminology, us and them.

We treat our guy like a rock star; they treat their gal like a rock star.

We find Sarah Palin inconceivably horrifying; they find Barack Obama inconceivably horrifying (really, they do--go read the conservative blogs, or even the comments on The Caucus).

We spread Sarah Palin rumors virally; they spread Barack Obama rumors virally.

We believe what we want to believe; they believe what they want to believe.

Of course we believe that we're right (I certainly do); but so do they.

It bodes ill for all of us.

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EDUC 520 2008 BLOG said...

I agree. The problem is that they're so much better at this nasty game than we are. And it's so hard to listen or read without bias. I mean her voice makes my skin crawl and that's before I listen to her snide comments. So what's there to do except work really hard to make sure Obama wins!