Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mamma Mia

M is listening to Abba ("S.O.S.") which reminds me that I never blogged about Mamma Mia which we finally saw on Friday night.

Best part: E's full-body grins when she was particularly amused.

Whenever Meryl Streep's histrionic hippie was on screen, the movie was divine, especially if she was with Pierce Brosnan, and ESPECIALLY if they were singing, and ESPECIALLY when they were singing "S.O.S.".  I recall seeing some review which talked about how pathetic Streep was, but I thought she was having a grand old time, just putting it all out there in prime camp Abba fashion.  Ditto for Christine Baranski and Julie Waters.

The young people father/marriage plot?  Eh.  And it brought down the movie, I thought, from the sublimity of Streep et al to, well, eh.

Still, we had fun.  I mean, it was Abba.

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Dawn said...

I took my mom to see the show when it was in town because she used to love ABBA. We had a great time. Yes, it was flimsy and yes, as a showtunes lover I cringed a lot but heck, it was fun. Not as much fun as Hairspray (Noah and I took her to see that) but still a lot of fun.