Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Praise of Hannah Montana

Here are some reasons why we like Hannah Montana:
  • Miley Cyrus is truly a talented comic actress.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus is totally comfortable in his cheesy, long-haired (no-longer-mulleted) skin.
  • The other actors are also very funny.
  • The show hits just the right balance between ridiculous and well-valued.
  • The show does have good values (friendship, family, all that good stuff).
  • Billy Ray Cyrus captures the bemusedly befuddled determination of those of us who aren't quite sure we're grownups, yet seem to have acquired almost-grownup children, and are trying to do our best.
  • Did I mention that it's funny?
I think the people who complain about Hannah Montana have not watched it.

[This post is the result of a dinner-table conversation fully participated in by all four of us, who were in general agreement--and also agreed that Zack and Cody are very funny as well--but it ended with S, head in his hands, complaining that the world is ending and we were discussing the merits of Hannah Montana, which seemed to be an additional sign that the world was ending, but we all laughed at him. Nevertheless, I felt chastened for my superficiality.]


Genevieve said...

I have to agree. Though I could definitely do without Rico.

Sure, the plots are often goofy, but no more so than the Brady Bunch and other shows I grew up on.

K said...

Count me in as another in-the-closet Hannah Montana fan. (And High School Musical too.) I know, I know - we are supposed to be playing Chopin and reading the classics with our kids...but I just can't resist any entertainment in which the main characters burst into song at a moment's notice.