Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Has Become of Me?!

Today I'm even down with Brooks (his argument makes a lot of sense, except for the fact that, in typical Brooksian, "I'm so post-everything" style, he leaves out gender, which is kind of like talking about Obama without mentioning race--note to world: we're not there yet, people).

Mostly, though, I continued to be dismayed by the judgementalness of the mommy and liberal blogospheres and the overwhelming tides of self-righteous hypocrisy on every side of the spectrum (I've been sickly fascinated by the response of the right, though hanging out over there will make you despair of everything). Stuff happens in families; nobody is immune; she may have bad politics, but...oh god, I'm starting to repeat myself, so no more Sarah Palin unless something new happens.

Maybe I'll have some middle-school drama for you later.

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Libby said...

both you and my Dad tipped me off to Brooks today, and you're right, he's getting closer to what's going on, I think, than other commentators. (Except, as usual, for the no gender bit. Gah!)

I have to admit to a bit of that hypocritical self-righteousness myself--there's certainly some poor judgment in there somewhere--but mostly I'm just really, really, glad I'm not the 17-year-old daughter, pregnant or not, of someone on the national stage.