Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Must Face the Facts

My new computer is a lemon. I love its lightness, love its dimensions, but...

1) It has this ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, problem of hibernating as soon as I turn it on. It was doing this all the time, so I took it in and they replaced the computer, keeping the hard drive, and it stopped doing it quite as often, but still does it randomly, but I didn't have time to take it in again, plus I don't know that they would have replaced it again, plus by now it is probably too late, but really it is the most annoying thing, and I can't believe I am just living with it.

2) The space bar started sticking and I brought it in and they replaced the keyboard, which did solve that problem (as well as the annoying click on the down arrow).

3) The screen seems to have gotten permanently smudged, though that is more of an aesthetic issue when the computer is off as, say, right now when I am typing in Blogger, I can't see the smudges.

4) Programs freeze and hiccup way more than I think they should in such a new computer.

Now please don't say Mac, you Mac-obsessed folk, because S got a Mac for his birthday and, really, the only thing I like about it is that you open it and it's on. It's quite slow, and I don't like not being able to double-touch on the touchpad or right click, and it's got way too many bells and whistles for me, so that would not be the solution. Plus, while I have been known to buy a second datebook because I did not like the first, and this year I hedged against that possibility by buying two datebooks (luckily S wants the second), when it comes to computers, we are definitely in it for the long-term--the Mac replaced a desktop that was at least five years old, maybe six, and that was so slow and shaky I couldn't bear to use it. So, basically, I am stuck with this one, and it's often fine, but when it's not, I'm annoyed--with it and myself.


addy said...

Just take it back again. Maybe they will give you a new one!!

Libby said...

I'm with Addy--I think the hibernating thing is bad enough that it's worth trying for another replacement.

I'm surprised you find S's mac slow. Mine feels blazingly fast. But then again we only have macs so I have little to compare with, and I find myself confused by the right click in the rare instances when I have to use a windows machine, so I wouldn't change anyway. De gustibus non est disputandum, as my mother always says.

Dawn said...

Macs can have double-touch touchpads (mine does, Brett's doesn't) but the no-right-click bugs me, too. Besides if you don't like 'em, you don't like 'em. I'm with everybody else -- take it back!!!! It's not like you use the thing only occasionally.

Andi said...

(My Mac has a double-touch touchpad, and if you tap with two fingers at the same time, it brings up the right-click menu!)

But yes, take it back!!!