Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm trying not to talk about Jamie Lynn

because goodness knows there's more than enough talk out there. But this is spot on: E now knows that if you get pregnant (or preg-a-nant, as she terms it), you don't have to have the baby, and "birth control" is something that keeps you from getting pregnant. Of course, I have no problem with her knowing those things, and going around on this for the second time, I know that the simple answer is enough: that's all I needed to say and she was satisfied. M, on the other hand, is fully aware of the whole thing (as she should be--those people who hope the 11 year olds don't find out because it would disillusion them? uh, have they hung out with any real-life 11 year olds lately?) (I don't mean she should be aware of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, though of course she is, being my daughter, but she should be aware that teenagers can get pregnant, abortion is an option, and birth control a necessity--and she is) (and it's not just high school girls talking about this in the cafeteria--M's friends were all over it by the next morning). What I've learned from M is that "Zoey 101," which I'd barely heard of--I asked if it was the one with the computer, but that's "iCarly," which I've actually seen--anyway, M says "Zoey 101" is great, though she does acknowledge that it is the stereotypical school show with all the stereotypical kids (have I mentioned lately how awesome M is? because she is).

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