Monday, December 10, 2007

More Adventures with Babka

I now have babka down. I finally typed out the recipe for all the people who asked me for it (because it is THAT good). When they look at it, gasp, and exclaim, "but it's so COMPLICATED," I shake my head with assurance, and say "oh no, really, once you get into it, it's not that hard, and it's so worth it" (refer to the link above for my first time, when I was very much not assured) (and send me an email, or put your email address in a comment, if you want the recipe).

One of the people who wanted the recipe was Local J, only when I sent it to her, she realized she already had the cookbook. And she took the daring step of turning the page, and discovered the most decadent recipe ever. I think it's called something like kuchem-buchem. Basically, you mix cocoa, sugar, and melted butter. Then you take some babka dough and make it into little balls. The recipe says to make a dent in the ball and fill it with a teaspoon of the chocolate mixture, but that didn't work at all. By the third ball I had the technique figured out: flatten the ball into a disk, put a teaspoon of the chocolate mixture in the middle of the disk, and close it up like a beggar's purse. Then roll the ball in the chocolate mixture (yes, chocolate on the inside and outside--I told you it was decadent) and arrange the balls in a buttered baking dish. At that point, I took the liberty of pouring the leftover chocolate mixture over the whole thing. Then you bake it.

It is, simply, outrageously delicious. So from now on, it will be one round babka and one pan of outrageous, decadent chocolate balls. Bring on your Jewish holidays--I'm ready for them! (Though after two parties, two missed parties, trays of latkes, and bushels of presents, I'm about ready for this one to be over.)


jackie said...

I just read that article in the NYT about babka! Is babka the kind of thing you only eat around the holidays, or is it worth trying out just for it's own sake? I'm looking for new things to bake.

Libby said...

ooh, send it this way!