Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Self-Pitying Blog Post of 2007

Please do not send me anonymous comments telling me to make my choices and go to garage sales. Despite some lows, I have had a great year. Everyone is healthy and happy. We were so lucky to spend the summer in the country. We had an amazing extended-family vacation. I have ended up in a better work situation than I could ever imagine--really (KNOCK WOOD) beyond ideal (except for the out-of-pocket health insurance thing). Everything's good, and I'm planning to call contractors next week to get started on the renovation.
But the prospects for the evening suck (NOT YOUR FAULT, M--M has just discovered Google Reader and her feeds are People, Go Fug Yourself, Red Sox News, and me, which means I can no longer hope that she'll miss a post).
I am the original New Year's Eve optimist. I rarely have plans; I always have a good time. Even when M, E, and I are home alone, we have fun (remember the backdrop: New Year's Eve is S's biggest night of the year--I believe there has been one New Year's Eve in the last 15 years when he didn't work, and E was 10 days old and M had a fever and we all went to bed). For tonight we had three sets of lovely plans, and they all have fallen through (NOT YOUR FAULT, Lucy). This means that I am stuck doing the one thing I did not want to do. The one thing that has serious potential to put me over the edge. Unfortunately I can't go into what it is, to protect other people's privacy (this sounds like a joke, but it actually isn't--don't worry, though, it's not anything dire, just something I really don't want to do, especially given what has been going on in my life for the last month, and if you think you know what it is, you probably do).
Oh, we have treats and we'll have movies and there will be a nice dinner, and I know I'm lucky and please don't tell me so, but right now I am furious at my husband for his stupid career that ruins my New Year's Eves, and I am furious at the person who is causing me problems, and if I could just go to bed with a book, I would be fine, but I can't (DON'T WORRY, M, we will have fun, and I will be a nice mommy once this is out of my system).
So I hope everyone out there is having a better New Year's Eve than I will, and feel free to share the fun you are planning or the fun you had, as truly it will make me feel better, and if your New Year's Eve looks bleak, feel free to share that too, and we can commiserate.
And now I'm off to be a nice person. I hope.


M said...

it WILL be fun, mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

I think you should make more choices and go to garage sales.

I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

I'm sorry all your plans fell through, too. Here go read your report at Erica and I find it cheers us up.

Libby said...

Good luck, Becca. I am not doing exactly what I wanted this evening but I'm not dreading it just feels a bit "meh." Oh, and I was going to say I'm with you on the wishing I didn't have to think about spending thing, too. I've pretty well achieved that with food--ie, I don't need to shop the sales so much--but clothes, books, trips are not so easy. And it's looking like a pricey year w/Mariah heading to college.

Dawn, I love that horoscope site! Thanks!

addy said...

Mine was okay before (dinner with parents who are very cool) but now is bleaker than bleak (dad cut finger and both parents are now waiting at the hospital for stitches). I've dipped into the cranberry daquaris leftover from Christmas, am stoking the fire and finishing my duvet cover I was making earlier today. Yay.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I hope it was better than you thought it would be. Or that there was an adequate amount of alcohol involved, at least.

Kelly said...

Well, I already shared how mine went... so I'm with ya there. Though it did generate some interesting convo between me and the huz, words that probably needed saying. So that's good. And our friends who blew out last night called today to apologize and to ask if they could bring all of that uneaten food over here for an early dinner. Sounds good to me. I'm still hungry!

Happy New Year, my friend. Love!