Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Notes and Questions: Arts Edition

Is the list of musicians from the I'm Not There soundtrack an indie/alt multiple orgasm or what? Then again, we're talking Dylan and his influencees (yes, two e's, not one), so I suppose it makes sense. Listened to the CD once, on a long car trip, and like it, don't love it (yet), but am definitely impressed.

Are Bee Movie and Ratatouille basically the same thing, or does it just seem that way when you watch them both on the same day?

And speaking of Bee Movie, could it be the first-ever pro-sweat shop animated film? Not sure how that message gels with the Graduate and Romeo and Juliet--or maybe that should be Romeo and Jew-liet--influences (that would be one e) (here's Seinfeld on The Graduate).

And while we're on the subject of Jews, I assume you've seen this (credit to M) (E sang it all day yesterday, while we did exactly that).

And while we're on the subject of influence, I see why Noah Baumbach turned to Woody Allen and 70s French film for Margot at the Wedding, but what's with the sudden eruption of Deliverance next door in the Hamptons? Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh were quite great, but I don't know who cooked all that lovely food everyone kept eating out on the terrace (see 70s French film), and the plot ran quite amok by the end. I don't regret seeing it, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

After watching Hairspray out of the corner of my eye every day since Saturday (thanks, Mom), I think I can put my finger on one of the things that bugs me: I just don't think Tracy is that great a dancer.

What magical force of serendipity put Michael Tolliver Lives in my line of sight at the library on Saturday? Whatever it was, thanks: a delight to revisit the Tales of the City folk three decades later and remember what a love song to San Francisco the whole series is.

That's it, for now, though I'm in the middle of another good book, and hopefully will get in a few more movies.


jackie said...

The chinese food kid is from the Baltimore area!

Is the soundtrack as good as it looks? Is it worth getting? I love Dylan covers.

We got Ratatouille for Xmas and I love it more every time I watch it, but I haven't seen Bee Movie. Seinfeld just rubs me the wrong way these days.

Genevieve said...

Love the Chinese food song! (Though I could do without the shots of acting cheap - but there are no lyrics for that, which is good).

Before I married a Christian, I always had Chinese food on Christmas with my mom. Here in D.C., the Sixth and H historic synagogue, which hosts events, did a party that day with activities for kids, which is such a great idea.