Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Goal


(There is also a work goal, which will go unblogged, for the usual reasons. Last year there were two work goals, both achieved. The personal goal was to not weigh myself for a year, which was also achieved, and has now shifted from goal to practice: I weigh myself once a year, and I highly recommend it.)

(Due I suspect in part to the cathartic effect of venting negative anticipation en blog, New Year's Eve turned out quite delightfully, though it was one of those exercises in selflessness by which the pleasure comes--and it is true pleasure, which means it was probably an experience, rather than an exercise--from enabling the pleasure of others. M, E, and their friend A-R [daughter of the sadly incapacitated Lucy] were having so much fun that it was impossible not to have fun with them. There was sushi, carefully ordered by M and A-R; homemade disco balls; a dance party; The Princess Diaries; There's No Business Like Show Business; the ball dropping; Fergie; knitting; and even a little vodka. Today there were very tired girls.)

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anna said...

Excellent goal: Achievable and, most important, measurable! I tend toward the more abstract myself. That said,I am very interested in the relationship between goals and practice and in my more granular yearly resolutions, tend toward the practice.