Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Brief Thought on Process

It's way too early for politics, and my day starts at 7 (like, I need to be somewhere functioning at 7, and right now I'm in my pajamas at 6:10), but I'm thinking that those who said the frontloading of the primary process would give us a candidate so early in the process as to disenfranchise the majority of the country (i.e. it would be decided by now, or by Nevada and South Carolina), seem to be wrong. This may be a matter of the candidates and their general attractiveness (on the Democratic side) and unattractiveness (on the Republican side) (yes, my bias shows, but it always does, and I know, Mom, that some people find none of them attractive), but it is also yet another way in which the punditocracy seems to be having its butt kicked daily by this election (I wouldn't deign to count myself in the punditocracy, nor would I want to, but obviously I was wrong on this one too--I'm not thrilled by last night's results, like Postacademic, but very much intrigued, and will be fine with voting for whoever comes out the other end, though I'm still feeling Obama-like for my own primary, which seems like it is going to matter).

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postacademic said...

You know what's funny is I deleted that blog post within hours of writing it as it was one of those drunk blogging entries I try not to do anymore.