Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Retitled Post

First half of post deleted because it was obnoxious.

(And in contractor news, there must be a recession, because both contractors called us back, and now we have two consultations scheduled for next week. More obnoxiousness deleted.)

(Did anyone wonder what made me finally do it? It was the arrival of the new guitar gadget S ordered. I don't even know what it does--something about recording the guitar directly into the computer--and it's not even very big--maybe the size of a lunchbox--but it was sitting on the dining room table, and I thought where the hell is this thing going to go, and if we had already renovated, and the tiny guest/TV/CD sunroom was now just the tiny music sunroom, it could go in there, so I better call a contractor, because this guitar gadget is going to make me lose my mind.)

(Edited to add: You know, I have no idea where that guitar gadget went, so maybe I can cancel the contractors!)

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