Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day After, Yet Again

What continues to fascinate me about this campaign is how absolutely certain everyone is--each time everything changes. If I were a responsible blogger, this would be a long post full of links, but I'm a blogger with a huge money-paying project that has suddenly entered my life and demands all my attention, except when my brain is momentarily fried and I must surf the internet for details of Heath Ledger's memorial service (definitely one with Naomi Watt in LA last night, but was there really a small service in NY with Michelle on Friday?) and what people think about the Obama South Carolina landslide. And what people seem to think is every which way: she's doomed, he's permanently tarred (purposeful language) as the Black candidate and thus doomed, Caroline Kennedy's endorsement will make all the difference, or not, California is definitively Hillary's, California is definitively Obama's. Aren't the only things that are abundantly clear at this point that: 1) outrageous numbers of people are voting, and 2) nobody knows what will happen? And I, for one, happen to think this is very cool, though I am increasingly invested in an outcome (the Clintons are disgusting me, and I wish Edwards would throw it in and endorse Obama).

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