Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nicolas and Carla

Like I said, I'm totally down with romance between the president of France and Carla Bruni, but marriage? Three months after his divorce? When they appear to have been dating for, at most, several weeks? I mean, if they've been having an affair for the last three years and are finally free to marry because of his divorce, that's one thing (and a very French thing at that). But would one really want a president who would make such a major decision so rashly? Because I'm not much of a believer in love at first sight. Or rather, I believe that true love can withstand the wait. In order not to look ridiculous in the eyes of the entire world. Which seems like a good thing (see previous post). On the other hand, we're talking Carla Bruni: talented babe who is clearly an object of desire. Maybe he wants to make it official before Keith steals her away (I know, the link is Mick, but I'm trying to make a parallel).

At any rate, it is hugely more entertaining that Hillary's tears, so I suppose I should just embrace l'amour and vive la compagnie!

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