Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Doing Good, Theo

I am quite happy with Red Sox post-season moves so far. Signing Wakefield was the Right Thing To Do for many reasons, value included. And I know I said I would understand if they let Schilling go, but I'm glad they worked this one out. Truly Schilling is worth as much in team leadership as in pitching capacity at this point, and he is my favorite blowhard Christian Republican, though I hope he never runs for office. I had structured an incentive-based deal that would segue him from pitching to coaching (S even thought it was a good plan), but Theo did not take my calls. I guess he didn't need me.

The likelihood of losing Crisp is a sad but inevitable thing. I will miss his outrageous catches, and especially the way the announcers at Fenway say "Coco Ka-riiissssp," but the guy deserves better than we can give him. So long as we have Manny and Ortiz, Manny will be doing his Manny thing in the outfield; J.D. Drew is not going anywhere with that salary, and hopefully will perform at his post-season level for many years to come; and, well, what can you say about Jacoby Ellsbury (that could be a really twisted Love Story quote if you want, or not). Basically Crisp should go somewhere he can be a beloved starting outfielder.

Still, the fat lady won't sing till the ML and AR situations are resolved. Good indications from Theo (you might have to scroll down), but I don't think the fat lady has even arrived at the ballpark yet.

And now I really should put in some outrageous disclosure that I can then harangue my mom for missing, because she skipped yet another Red Sox post, only I don't think I have an outrageous disclosure. Alas, my boring life.

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Genevieve said...

Ooh, thanks, Becca! I stopped reading the Red Sox blogs after the parade because they looked to be mostly on hiatus, so I'd totally missed this. Glad to see Schilling coming back, and that they're pursuing Lowell and hope to work that out.

And I was very excited to see that Youk won a Gold Glove!

I had heard that my local team, the Nationals, was interested in Coco Crisp. We would love that.