Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sasaki Colorstone Redux

Post-Thanksgiving (should have been pre, but we're the type who don't realize what we need till we need it), we just went wild and bought six plum plates and six bowls--two blue, two green, two plum--on Ebay. Can't wait for the next 14-person dinner party! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and I assume most of you don't, background is here.)

On to the annual guilt-ridden Amazon holiday order. I know you Christmas folk out there had all your presents before Thanksgiving (or maybe those bloggers don't read me), but Hanukkah is a week out and we have nothing, zip, nada. We barely even have concepts. The only ideas I have are the books, plus I need a bunch of other books, and the totality of the books I need and want is unlikely to be found at a single independent bookstore, hence the guilt-ridden Amazon order. (Actually, it's not true that we have no concepts: there are the books, and there are, well, there are a very few other things, but definitely not eight nights worth!)


Libby said...

all our presents before Thanksgiving? Are you kidding me?

Kelly said...

Before Thanksgiving? People do this? Really?

I spent Sunday on Etsy.com buying a ton of handmade nifties for folks on my list and am so happy with my purchases. Of course, I have until Xmas...not next week.

jackie said...

Wait, what? I'm going shopping on Sunday for the first time and I was congratulating myself on that!