Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reason #Umpteen That I'm Glad We Live In Town

Today M went to school wearing, in her words, the "typical Town girl outfit": pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and her hair in a ponytail with a thin headband (can you tell she hangs out with the sixth-grade girl hockey players?!). Clearly we do not inhabit the world described in this article about middle school fashion.

(Reason #Not-Very-Big-Number That Living in Town Is Kind of a Pain: My work seems to be taking me to East Coast Big City, where S also works, so there is a fair amount of inconvenient or unenvironmental [or both] commuting these days. But I guess that's the price middle-class parents pay to keep their kids happy in semi-suburbia.) (We're hoping that "semi"will keep our kids happy instead of disaffected in suburbia. Pajamas and all, Town kids do seem generally happy.) (Except when mean girls who should know better don't let them go to the park to play soccer with the boys.)

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jackie said...

That article is why I'm so happy the girls' school has uniforms (it's K-8). I'm not ready to think about after-school apparel yet, but I'm sure it will arise.