Monday, November 26, 2007

In Which I Unabashedly Show Off My Daughter

(I was going to just type these off and send to grandparents and aunts, but why not share with the world?!) (All transcriptions verbatim.)

E's "I Am Thankful" assignment

I am thankful for my family. My sister who plays with me. My dad who takes me to school wet or dry. My mom who takes care of me. My uncles who plays with me and my sister and cousins. My aunts who take care of my cousins. My grandparents who take care of me when my parents are away and all the other people who I did not mention. It is important to be thankful because it meen you have a lot of good things.

E's pumpkin poem (first they "brainstormed" the alliterative words, she told me) (she did not say alliterative)

Pick pumkins in a patch.
Under leaves find them
Make many mavalois Jackolanterns
Put ps o Jackolanterns
Kids kick and crack pumkins
In a wheelbarrow lots of pumkins lay
Naging parents for more not to many

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