Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where (and What) Do You Read?

The couple of times I've tried Virginia Heffernan's new column in the Times Magazine, I've not been so engaged, but tomorrow's (yes, my dear sister, I'm reading tomorrow's paper today) is excellent. I too lurk all over the internet, and I too am skeptical of doom-and-destruction analyses of, well, pretty much anything cultural. Yes, things are changing, but things have always changed: that's how culture works. On the internet, we spend a large part of our time reading. Middlemarch sold about 18,000 copies when it first came out; The Kite Runner has sold 1.4 million copies (not that the two are comparable, and neither are 19th-century and contemporary publishing and reading practices, but I was trying to find an example of popular literary fiction). Look at slash fiction sites, and try and tell me we are no longer literate and creative. Or you could just go lurk on Jezebel. While avoiding reading The Inheritance of Loss (oh, that would be me, not you).

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