Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why I'm Being Kicked Off America's Best Feminist Mother

Because this is M and E's new obsession.

(Bet you didn't know there was a reality TV show for feminist moms. Our challenges? To get our daughters through Target without buying anything pink or sparkly. To keep the whole family from mentioning anything related to beauty or body image for 24 hours. To host a playdate in which the kids happily play with gender-neutral toys the whole time. No wonder I'm getting kicked off the show!)

Edited to add: Oh yeah, you can be a feminist mother of boys too, right?! Not that I would know, being a failed feminist mother of girls. So let's see, some more challenges...well, I suppose the challenges should have something to do with nurturing and avoiding guns, but clearly I'm running out of feminist parenting steam. Maybe I'll just go find a nice outfit for Eva Longoria.


Libby said...

OK, I'm off the show too. My 17 yo (girl) is obsessed with America's Next Top Model, my 9 yo (boy) with Rune Scape and making guns out of legos.

Nonetheless they are reasonably kind, thoughtful kids who are mostly a pleasure to be around. Ah, well.

Amy said...

My mantra these days is "creative kids respond to the world with creative responses," whether that world is sparkly pink and full of Barbie or Runescape (also a big part of my 11 yo boy's life) and Lego warriors. I got kicked off America's Best Feminist Mother about the same time I was voted off the Supermartyr Intensive Mothering island. I figure the real women and men in my kids' lives have at least as much influence as the toys and media images, and I don't look a single bit like Barbie.

And truly? I grew up with VERY limited access to TV and a mother-imposed ban on Barbie or any doll that couldn't have been something Laura had on Little House. If I'm going to generalize from my experiences, and I apparently am, that's not an approach that worked well for me.

Lucy said...

I've been involving my gal in my obsession with how bad my hair looks. That's pretty low. She kicked me off the list herself - she had simply had enough whining.